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Lucky 2020 / 设计公司的新年派对

For 16 years, the New Year's Party has become a ritual, establishing a mark of memory. 2019-2020 GN Qicheng New Year Party, mature, reliable, confident and enthusiastic.


Jan 01,2020/


Maintain a focus on sociality, contemporary, and artistry, and think independently, distinguishing the differences between architecture as a commodity, architecture as a house, architecture as a prop, and free architecture. At this stage, we are more concerned with freedom at the origin of the design than mature and sophisticated.


Dec 12,2019/

2019 景观报告 | 园冶杯和REARD获奖通知来了

The 10th Yuanye Awards Professional Award was officially announced a few days ago, and four landscape works of GN Qicheng Design won the gold and silver awards of the competition. At the same time, in the fourth REARD Global Real Estate Design Awards award ceremony in November, GN Qicheng The Shanghai Xuhui City Kaibin Riverside Project won the silver award for commercial landscape design.


Dec 12,2019/


In early November, GN Qicheng Design made its appearance at the 6th SIC China International Aging Industry Expo held in Guangzhou Poly International Expo Center. The 60-square-foot exhibition area became the show's online check-in point.


Nov 11,2019/

腾讯双创小镇 | 青岛 | 栖城设计

"The Internet is about to enter the second half, and all industries will usher in a larger-scale industrial upgrade. In the next 10 years, the entire society will move from the consumer Internet to the industrial Internet." —— Liu Chiping, CEO of Tencent Holdings, September 2018

"互联网即将进入下半场,各行各业迎来更大规模的产业升级。接下来的10年,整个社会将从消费互联网迈向产业互联网。"—— 刘炽平,腾讯控股CEO,2018年9月

Oct 10,2019/

获奖 | 2019 AMP美国建筑大师奖 | 腾讯武汉研发中心 | GN栖城设计

The Architecture MasterPrize announced the 2019 winners recently. TENCENT (WUHAN) R&D CENTER by GN (Shanghai) Architecture Design Office Co. Ltd. has been awarded in the Architectural Design - Commercial Architecture category.

2019美国建筑大师奖(Architecture MasterPrize)于近日揭晓,栖城设计「腾讯武汉研发中心」获得商业建筑类别设计大奖。

Sep 09,2020/


L'ATELIER de Joël Robuchon restaurant is located on the Bund 18 and is widely recognized by customers worldwide for its high-quality taste and service. It is a restaurant that has won two Michelin stars for many years. The cooperation between the Bund friends and neighbours, the combination of gourmet restaurants and design companies, always have a unique surprise!

L'ATELIER de Joël Robuchon餐厅位于外滩18号,是一家连续多年获得米其林二星殊荣的餐厅。外滩友邻间的合作,美食餐厅与设计公司的联合,总能有与众不同的惊喜!

Sep 09,2019/


Lendlease, the owner and operator of Australia's largest elderly living community, launched the first senior care real estate project in China-Yipu Hui.


Jul 07,2019/