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栖城NEWS | 安宁病房,不一样的课程设计终期评图

On June 28th, an exhibition and joint evaluation of the design achievements of hospice wards was held in Shanghai Zhongshan Street Health Service Center. The joint evaluation team members included Mr. Guan Yiqun (the director and partner of GN Architects), and Prof. Wang Hongjiang and Assoc. Prof. Chen Yan (from SIVA), and Mr. Xie Anqi (Vice Dean of Zhongshan Street Health Service Center), and others.


Jul 07,2023/

栖城NEWS | 栖城设计沈利江受邀出席上海建筑学会论坛并发表主题演讲

Recently, the forum on "Design Innovation and Reflection on the New Era Architectural Skin" jointly organized by the Architectural Society of Shanghai China and the "Architectural Practice" magazine was successfully held in Shanghai. Mr. Shen Lijiang, Director and Partner of GN Architects, was invited to attend and deliver a keynote speech titled "Skin Emotions".


Jul 07,2023/

栖城NEWS | 中标鄂尔多斯零碳产业园区智能化信息服务中心及配套设施建设项目

Recently, GN Architects and BCCI jointly won the bid for the intelligent service center and park supporting facilities project for the zero carbon industry in Ordos. As the leader of the consortium, GN Architects is responsible for the design of architectural schemes, preliminary design of architectural disciplines, curtain wall and floodlighting consulting, and other related tasks.


Jul 07,2023/

栖城NEWS | 普惠型养老实践|黄桥街道区域性养老服务中心正式开工

On June 30th, the centralized signing and commencement ceremony for the second quarter major industrial projects in Huangqiao Street, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City was successfully held, and the inclusive regional elderly care service center project designed by GN architects began construction smoothly.


Jul 07,2023/

栖城NEWS | GN栖城设计管轶群受邀担任WAN Awards国际评委

At the invitation of WAN AWARDS, Mr. Guan Yiqun, the director and partner of GN Architects, will serve as the international judge of this competition. Together with other professional international judges, He will conduct a cautious and professional evaluation of various categories of works participating in this competition.

应全球知名建筑设计奖项WAN AWARDS(世界建筑新闻奖)主办方邀请,GN栖城设计董事合伙人管轶群先生将担任本届大赛国际评委,与其他专业国际评委一起,对本届参赛的各类别作品展开审慎且专业的评审工作。

Jul 07,2023/

展讯 | 栖城设计将亮相 2023 CHINA AID 上海国际养老博览会

The 17th CHINA AID Exhibition will be held from May 30 to June 1, 2023 at the W3-W5 pavilions of the SNIEC. GN Architects will present the latest health design works, research and development, and viewpoints at this CHINA AID Exhibition.

第17届CHINA AID康养展将于2023年5月30日至6月1日在上海新国际博览中心W3~W5馆举办,时隔2年,GN栖城设计将携最新康养设计作品、研发和观点,再次亮相本届CHINA AID康养展。

May 05,2023/

NEWS | 栖城设计获评上海市市级设计创新中心

On February 21, the Shanghai Municipal Design Innovation Center, Design Leading Demonstration Enterprise Award and the 2023 Shanghai Design Capital Construction Work Communication Expo hosted by the Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Commission was held in the World Expo Museum. GN Architects was awarded the title of Shanghai Municipal Design Innovation Center.


Feb 02,2023/

JOIN US | 2023栖城招新

In 2023, which is full of expectations, we send you a sincere invitation to welcome like-minded friends to join our family of sustainable and healthy development!


Dec 12,2022/