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The purpose of the Green Orange Award is to comprehensively enhance the company's sense of innovation and creativity; reward those who are innovative and action-oriented, even if they fail to land, it is worthy of praise; let creativity and presentation become the company's genes.

青橙子奖的目的是全面提升公司的创新意识和创作能力;奖励那些具有创新意识和动作的行为 即使未能落地,也值得赞誉;让创造力和呈现能力成为公司的基因。

Dec 12,2018/


GN design Honored to be appointed as the Standardization Committee Standing director unit Joint participation in the development of new standards for the aged industry

栖城设计 荣幸授聘为标准化委员会的 常务理事单位 共同参与养老产业的新标准制定工作

Nov 11,2018/


They can easily get their lives, and we may not be able to live as long as they do.

他们唾手可得的生活, 我们劳累毕生也可能不及他们万一。——《在荷兰过日子》台湾女作家丘彦明

Jul 07,2018/


Forty-five new partners, four small teams a day and a half,'Disney Dream Margin', Disney and training development combined, play Disney fair and square, take your childlike innocence with us into the dream of the country, set out to experience it!

45个新小伙伴 4个小团队 一天半的时间 ''迪士尼梦幻奇缘'',迪士尼与培训拓展相结合 , 光明正大玩转迪士尼 , 带上你的童心跟我们一起踏入梦幻的国度 , 出发体验吧!

Jul 07,2018/

Good Night 美好夜晚 - GN 栖城 2018 年会

This year is a clean and smooth party Special habitat No chicken blood show I like the show, and I enjoy the dance of various musical instruments. Quiet people are appreciators No leadership speech and awards No host A scene is clean and smooth

今年是一个干净和流畅的派对 特别栖城 没有鸡血表演 喜欢秀的大拿,尽情秀着各种乐器歌声创作舞蹈 安静的人就做欣赏者 没有领导讲话和颁奖 没有主持人串场 一曲一幕干净而流畅...

Feb 02,2018/


Most people have lived or lived in Shanghai for many years, but they have only seen the outline of the Bund. The Bund has been opened for more than 170 years and is the most complete old block in Shanghai.


Jan 01,2018/


Speaking of nursing homes, most people are a monotonous, managed life……

说起养老院, 多数人印象是一种单调, 被管理的生活状态……

Sep 09,2017/


At the beginning of 2017, Qicheng Landscape won the award of "Merchants Shekou (Group) Excellent Landscape Design Unit". At the end of 2017, Qicheng was also awarded the "Excellent Design Partner of 2017" award by Merchants Shekou Sunan Company. In August 2017, GN Qicheng became "Merchants East China Regional Landscape Strategic Collection Partner" by bidding. .


Feb 02,2018/